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Can You have it all?

Over the past decade, there has been a great deal of discussion and debate over the question, “Can women have it all?”

I am a Mother, Doctor, Wife, Business owner, Entrepreneur! Sounds like a lot right?? But I’m here to tell you that YES! Yes you can have it all … if YOU are the one defining what “all” is for yourself.

Of course we all have limits, and sometimes we even run ourselves into the ground. But more people should be talking honestly about the fact that it’s hard to balance a happy, fulfilled personal life with a respected professional life. It’s unrealistic to think that you won’t have to sacrifice anything in order to have it all. There are trade-offs to be made for the choices that we make. Perhaps it is time we realize that having it all means sharing it all, it means ensuring that men and women pull their weight as equally as possible in a family, that women no longer feel ashamed for hiring help, getting help or asking for help. It is what it is!

I fully embrace the have it all mantra. I want women to understand that it is possible to have it all, if they give themselves the permission to define what their unique “all” looks like and to unapologetically let go of everything else. It’s the only way to live a fulfilled and authentic life, which is what we all deserve! After all, if the men can do it, so can we! But never ever bend to someone else’s ideal of having it all, because “all” is different things to different people.

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