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5 Reasons Hiring a Coach Will Get You to Your Goal

Got big goals lined up but having a hard time achieving them? maybe it’s time to hire a coach.

Ready to put the pedal to the metal? Meaning, are you tired of working towards a goal and feeling like you’re not making much progress. This is totally common. 

Our lives are busy, and we wear many hats that require our attention at all times. 

You’re not alone if you find it challenging to complete big projects or meet big goals when you’re bogged down with the day-to-day hustle. It actually means you have big dreams and aspire for more —so you’re already ahead of the game. But what it also means is that you might be getting in your own way without even knowing it.

What’s the benefit of hiring a coach?

An investment is something you pay for now, with the expectation that it’ll pay off in the future. When we invest in ourselves, results come quicker than if we kept poking along, getting distracted by new ideas, or held up by obstacles

Whether you’re trying to achieve 

  • weight loss
  • fitness goals
  • financial stability 
  • starting a business
  • applying to medical school
  • choosing a new career 
  • learn a new skill
  • and more…

there are many concerns, fears, and hurdles that jump in the way of attaining your goal. 

Coaching is a tool. Just like we learn algebra from a teacher, we can learn execution from a coach.

So when you invest in a coach you invest in yourself.

Why do you need a coach for events that seem like a normal part of life?

A coach is someone who is outside of your situation. They’re emotionally detached from the desire, the process, the impact, and the outcome.

Have you ever come to a friend with a problem and they seemed to see it more clearly than you? Or they thought it way less of a big deal than you did?

Most of the time that’s because we get stuck in our own head and start telling ourselves stories about a situation that often makes matters worse, or makes the decision process more difficult.

That being said a coach is like a friend times a thousand. Their sole investment in you is to help you succeed. Their laser focus is on your end goal, not all the clutter in between.


1). Coaches clear the clutter 

Their minds aren’t clouded with the same emotion, thoughts, and feelings about the subject matter as yours is. The decision you’re making likely has a major impact on your life and well-being. It affects you at every next step.

A coach can help you see the broader picture and drill down on what needs to be done. It’s difficult to do it by ourselves because our thoughts tend to run on a loop, never really finding a solution.

2). A coach keeps you focused

Remember our busy lives?  Well that’s why we get distracted. We multitask and get led astray in the process. Ever went to clean up the living room and the next thing you know you’re cleaning out a bathroom cabinet because the ibuprofen you grabbed off the kitchen counter led you there? It’s the same in our goals or projects. We get distracted, lose sight and end up taking the scenic route to get the job done. A coach is there to keep you on track. They can spot right away if you lose sight, whereas it may take you 1-2 weeks to realize you got derailed.

3). A coach can help you avoid unnecessary hurdles

We often create our own barriers. Whether it’s fear, uncertainty, or just plain procrastination holding us back, a coach has the knack for recognizing what the hold-up is and how to overcome it. You end up learning so much about yourself in the process, that moving forward, you’re able to recognize the hurdle before it becomes a real problem.

4). A coach can help you identify what it is you want

Sometimes the thing that holds us up is not knowing exactly who we want to serve (if you’re starting a business), which specialty you want to go in (say you’re a medical student), or which workout is best for you. Coaches don’t make the decision for you but they have the tools to help you think it through and come to a decision you feel good about.

5). Coaches help boost your confidence and improve accountability

Everyone loves having a cheer section. Well, your coach is there to pump you up and help you through the quicksand, knowing that you can, in fact, accomplish that goal.

You’re experiencing “the process” for the first time. They’ve seen it time and time again.

The act of confidence-building is enough to help someone accomplish their goal. We can achieve anything we want BUT the thing that holds most of us back is the lack of confidence in ourselves. 

Coaches are there to “coach” you through the uncertainty.

Is a coach worth the money?

It’s understandable that people question spending money on a coach because they’re uncertain if it will pay off. It’s hard to wrap your head around purchasing a product that’s not a tangible item. It’s a service that pays off if you put the effort in.

But you must do your due diligence and research and qualify the person you’re considering as your coach, the payoff is in your hands. 

The goal of a coach is to create a direct route to the end result you’re trying to achieve. They take a wooded forest and help carve a clear path.

Is something holding you back from getting ahead? 

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