As I turned to reflect on my journey through medical school to becoming a practicing physician, I knew I had to reach back and extend my hand to pull more aspiring doctors forward.
And while it wasn’t easy to pave my way (even with physician guidance), I’m making it my mission to clear a path for those coming up behind me.
I’ve made it my duty to share my journey, help set expectations, and provide guidance & direction to anyone who’s thinking of becoming a doctor, from high school students to college students and beyond.
And so “Paging Doctor You: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Doctor” was born


I wrote “TELL ME WHERE DOES IT HURT”, which features a Black woman who is a mother, a doctor, and a hero! Children’s books that feature culturally diverse characters are hard to come by.

Reading is so powerful and the stories that are told can even be more powerful. It’s really essential that we fill our kids’ home libraries with books featuring characters that look like them, who have faced challenges, overcome obstacles, and made a difference in the world.

It’s like an unlocked door when a black child sees themselves in a book. It invites them to live in the manifest dreams fought for by those before them. It empowers them to venture into spaces unexplored and teaches them to continue to shatter the ceilings of what’s possible.