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Celebrate Black-Owned Businesses With 8 of My Favorites

I’m diving right into this with positivity because of how strongly I feel about not staring in the rearview mirror of our past. Our future moving forward is one of inclusivity. 

We celebrate our freedom as a country. Our ability to start and stop something whenever we want. To wear what we choose and say what we feel. 

With the growing momentum of unity, we have a golden opportunity to support black-owned business, right now, today… and I’ll tell you why.

A story on why it’s so important to support black-owned business

You know that friend or family member who needs your help? Like watching their child for an hour while they take their sick older child to the doctor. Or bringing Grandma dinner to ensure it fits in her doctor-prescribed diet plan. Or helping the neighbor down the street fix their dead battery. 

You stopped what you were doing and made space in your day to help these people. Likely for two conscious reasons and one additional reason that just happens, without us even thinking about it.

One. You care about this person’s well-being and wanted to help and two, it made you feel good inside to be helpful. 

Those are perfect reasons to stop and lend a hand. Though, something else occurs when you make this choice. Three. A positive and loving vibration is sent to the universe and everyone benefits. 

When you contribute to the greater good and well-being of others in the community, it strengthens the love in the universe. Forget how silly that sounds… all woo, and let’s take a step back to think about the chain of events. 

From the current virus’ impact on our lives and economy, we all experienced what it’s like when we suffer together. It’s gloomy and restricting. 

Now flip the coin and imagine the outcome of us succeeding together. Positivity becomes infectious, financial confidence improves, businesses flourish and the magic happens. 

Supporting black-owned businesses should be everyone’s mission for a chance to win.

Don’t dwell on past inequalities —just learn how to change the future. 

Take care of small businesses and especially black-owned businesses, who may have taken a hit in the past or have had a hard time getting loans and staying afloat.

Like anything else, we have to fail forward. Let this be one of those instances. Supporting black-owned businesses is the opportunity to link arms and pull each other along. Societies don’t flourish in a cast system. Instead, they bloom when the whole garden gets water. 

I’ve always been a believer in the power of positivity and wanting abundance for all. I even condone the fact that it may be a little selfish. Let’s be real, the health and safety of our families come first. But when our neighborhoods are secure, clean and bringing in revenue to help with the upkeep of businesses and tourist traffic, it keeps our families and neighbors safe, employed and educated. The better the companies do, the more jobs there are, the more contributing members of society to set good examples. In my home state of Georgia, we have the 2nd highest percentage of black-owned businesses in the country at 20%. I’d love to see those numbers grow. When our companies grow, our economy soars and we all win.

My top 8 picks from black-owned, woman-owned businesses around the country

Now, you know I’ve been shopping lately. And I wanted to share some of my favorite items from black-owned businesses. Best thing is, you’d be supporting small, black-owned businesses from the comfort of your home. 

Things I know you’d love as well or can purchase as a gift. ‘Tis the season, right?


I’ll start here since my last blog post was all about caring for your natural hair. It’s an uphill battle for many curly-haired women so when we find something real good, we stick with it. The women from Heat Free Hair are true pioneers and specially trained in the natural hair industry. They align with my mindset of feeling beautiful in your own skin and their virgin, natural hair products fulfill that for me.

I bought my clip-ins and drawstring ponytail to give me more options for days when I have time to wear my hair out or on those busy days when a ponytail is quickest —but still gorgeous. 

I bought the 16” and 24” clip-ins and, the 24” FOR KURLS drawstring ponytail and the 24” straight ponytail. Love them all!


If you know me, you know I love my rice water. I purchased the Organic Rice Water Hydration Spray and have been really liking it for my hair. Can’t remember how I stumbled upon this gem but I’m glad I did. They carry a unique and flattering clothing line and I love the way it fits.


Drawn to this boutique for their simple yet elegant undergarments. Their versatile collection and color selection caters to women and men of all shades. I have ordered so many things from here and been pleased with the quality and color. 


For the tall lady in your life. I love all the outfits I’ve purchased from Hanifa because the skirts are perfect for my height 5’9”.  The style is form-fitting and flattering.


Now come on in here and get close to my home. 

This is my very own brand, Dramatically Real.  Developed with my dear friend and skincare expert, Kindra Wright, we wanted to share our passion for vibrant, glamorous lips with the world. All of our products, lipsticks, glosses and liners are paraben-free and gluten-free. They are also formulated with Vit E and Vit C,  to hydrate and nourish your lips. We have colors and finishes for every style. And of course, I have every color!


Orthodontist- entrepreneur extraordinaire Dr. Patrice Smith is clearing a path for many strong, business-minded women. She sets the example that you can have more than one passion. You can build an empire in many areas of your life. Her candle collection caught my eye and they truly smell so good. I have a few strategically placed around my house to symbolize peace and calm. She also sells goal planners to help you set your dreams straight.


These two girl bosses started a skincare and eyelash line. A fan of their vision to be entrepreneurs and make a difference, I decided to purchase the Mango Silk Moisturizer. I love the hydrating feel and the scent and plan to try out the lashes soon. If you try, let me know!


Based out of NY, this team of ladies brings the authentic beauty of handcrafted African design right to your front door. They curate a collection of housewares, accessories and kids’ items with artisanal craftsmanship. I have not purchased from 54 Kibo, but they are on my list. If you buy before I do, please let me know what you think.

I am not affiliated with any of these products, except of course, my Dramatically Real. I chose these products out of taste and my desire to share them with you and drive purchasing power to my fellow black-owned businesses. I’m not compensated in any way if you make a purchase. If I do receive compensation for products I recommend, I will disclose that info and always stringently vet them before sharing them with my community.

As always, drop a comment if this was helpful or you have any businesses to share.

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