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Why Hiring a Coach Can Help You Reach Your Goals and Achieve Success in Less Time

Freedom is the ability to set your goals and aim for them with everything you do. Success is achieving the goals you set out. The path between them is often longer and more lined with obstacles, distractions, and delays than we realize —but that’s no reason ever to stop striving to reach your goal or setting new goals as your perspective grows. 

Women in business, whether you are climbing the corporate ladder or building a side hustle, often face the challenge of an overfull work-life balance —an abundance of priorities, and it seems the busier your day gets, the further away your long-term goals seem to stretch.

The good news is that this is totally normal – and often a sign that you are stepping up your own game to a higher level of commitment. When it’s tough to fit your work hours, self-training, exercise, family time, and relaxation into a week -it means your goals are leading you in the right direction. Now all that’s left is technique and commitment. 

As any athlete will tell you: when you have the drive but lack the focus, what you need is a coach.

Hiring a coach helps you reach your own goals and achieve success landmarks in less time by helping you stay focused and motivated and providing perspective when you need it most. But don’t just take it on faith. Let me explain how coaching can work in your daily pursuit of success.

What is Coaching in Terms of Personal Success?

  • Encouragement
  • Guidance
  • Perspective

Coaching is the art of helping someone else achieve their potential. In athletics, a coach helps an athlete focus and push past their own resistance to achieve their personal and physical best. In success coaching, it’s less about training your muscles and more about training your mind. Where all coaches overlap is the ability to enhance your willpower.

We do this by providing encouragement, guidance, and perspective when you need each the most. One of the reasons that we flag in our personal goals is because there’s no one to give a high-five when we make it. That first time you finished your work in half the time or did an extra hour of studying just to be stronger and smarter, who did you high-five?  A coach can help you feel great about striving for your goals, help you see how much progress you’re making, and provide guidance on how to navigate obstacles without back-burning your real priorities.

Encouragement from Someone Who Wants to See You Succeed

Everyone needs someone to high-five when they succeed. You might have a cool co-worker or a family member who understands your career goals — but many people don’t. When you work hard, feeling proud of yourself is natural. Encouragement from someone else who genuinely is glad to see you growing stronger, faster, more efficient, and more successful will build that good feeling into momentum and motivation to keep pushing yourself and feeling awesome when you succeed as a result. But high-fiving an empty room can have the opposite effect.

Just by being there and providing encouragement to strive and achieve, a coach can help you accelerate and reach your goals more quickly.

Guidance on How to Navigate Obstacles and Personal Challenges

Most people benefit from a business mentor. Coaching and mentoring relationships used to be more common in the workplace, but today, many young and even mature professionals are flying blind when it comes to navigating daily personal and professional obstacles between setting goals and achieving them.

A success coach is even more versatile than a mentor at work because they can provide some guidance and experience-based advice on all your goals and obstacles, not just professional matters. If matters in your family suddenly look like they are pushing your professional goals aside, a coach can help you balance your priorities so everything, including ensuring your career, is taken care of. If workplace politics rear their ugly head, a coach can give you some pointers and the personal support you need to navigate choppy waters.

With the help of a coach to help you cut through the clutter of life events, you can balance your priorities and avoid problems while keeping your success goals on track. By helping you manage potential delays and distractions, your goals will close in swiftly instead of pulling further away.

Perspective When You Need to Talk It Out

As someone who learns, develops, and grows, sometimes you just need to talk it out. A coach is someone who will listen and provide useful comments while you process through what you already know and what needs to be done. A coach will help you talk out your worries and outline obstacles in your way until the path through presents itself naturally.

Because your coach’s goal is to see you realize your own potential, part of the job is nurturing your own creative and effective decision-making. And that means logically walking around an issue, handling any emotions or personal matters involved, and finally finding the best decision for you and others involved. Having someone to talk to can help you more quickly deal with complicated issues, then more confidently decide and act on the solutions —each time removing an obstacle and/or moving one step closer to your goals.

Stories and Success Tips from Women who have Been There

Often, it helps to hear how others in similar situations have succeeded on the path you are taking. Women who have become entrepreneurs, corporate executives, or successfully thrived as a little bit of everything in the modern market can serve as examples and inspiration when facing their own challenge-driven path to success.

Working with a professional woman as your success coach, you can be sure that the two of you have faced similar challenges like glass ceilings, personal obligations, and assumptions that are supposed to be outdated by this millennium but somehow haven’t quite shaken out of the system.

Someone Who Won’t Let Your Success Get Back-Burnered

Maybe the most important benefit of all in having a success coach is someone who won’t let you back-burner your own priorities. Professionals who are struggling to reach their personal goals, and particularly women facing outside pressure to have different priorities, often find that their career goals get put further and further aside with each new crisis, delay, and distraction.

On one hand, your coach will help you avoid taking on so many projects that your primary goals are always out of reach. On the other hand, they will also help you balance other people’s priorities appropriately to your own. They’ll help you pencil both “no” and “later” into your schedule. They’ll help you spend just two hours on a side project for someone else instead of all weekend. And they’ll remember to ask how you’re doing on long-term goals even when your week has been crazy and you just plum forgot to do your X hours of training, writing, or business management tasks.

How can hiring a coach help you achieve success in less time? By providing encouragement, guidance, and perspective. A coach helps you stay motivated, cares about your progress, and will make sure you’re moving closer toward your goals every single day. If you’re ready to overcome obstacles, delays, and unfocused motivation to see your goals achieved sooner rather than the eternal later, contact me today. Let’s get started on achieving your success.

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