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balc owned business storefront we're open

Celebrate Black-Owned Businesses With 8 of My Favorites

I’m diving right into this with positivity because of how strongly I feel about not staring in the rearview mirror of our past. Our future moving forward is one of inclusivity.  We celebrate our freedom as a country. Our ability to start and stop something whenever we want. To wear what we choose and say...

black curly afro hair on africal american woman posing in a brown background

Girls With Curls —How to Start Your Natural Hair Care

Tending to my natural hair is a form of self-care.  Hair is beautifully unique to every one of us, and I love spreading the word about natural hair care to make the topic less daunting for people who want to try it and haven’t, or those who’ve tried and haven’t had success. What is the...

Dr Eva in Mexico by the crystal clear water

My Best Advice on How to Plan a Trip During the Pandemic

I had been dangling on the fence for weeks about booking a getaway. As much as I desperately needed a vacation, there were so many thoughts in my mind, like should I travel, and is it safe to travel?  My husband and I are on the frontlines as healthcare workers, and we witness the effect...