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Getting Your Patients the Medications They Need

When it comes to my patients, one of the biggest concerns I have is, what happens when they leave my exam room? Are my patients going to get the medication they need?

When I’m treating them in the hospital, I have the resources and medications I need to get them healthy under my care. But, what happens when they leave?

Will they get their medication? 

Will they be able to see their treatment through? 

Getting my patients the medication they need is one of my biggest concerns.

I spend a good portion of my time with patients discussing treatment protocols and helping them understand how the medication I prescribe, in addition to lifestyle modifications, will improve their condition and help them lead a long, healthy life.

I know from years of experience that there’s ONE crucial bridge between physicians providing care in the exam room and patients managing their health at home. That bridge is the pharmacy. 

The pharmacy experience plays a critical role in helping patients get the medications they need.

Many of my patients have difficulty getting to the pharmacy because of a lack of transportation or impaired physical ability. This leads to prescriptions being reshelved after a certain time and having to restart the process repeatedly, prolonging the time to begin or continue treatment. 

I also have patients who have trouble carving out time in their day for the pharmacy errand. And if it’s not easy and their condition isn’t that bad they might skip the medications altogether.

I know I speak for many, that if we could make it easy for our patients to get the meds they need, it would cover one of the bigger challenges in patient care.

A pharmacy that wants to make it easy 

Pharmacies that are easy to work with, cater to their patient’s needs, and give warm, welcoming service, make for better patient outcomes down the road.

That’s why I’m a big fan of Capsule, a pharmacy that knows how important it is for patients to receive their medications with ease. 

Capsule pharmacists understand the obstacles that hold patients back from getting their prescriptions, and that’s cost, coverage, and access. 

So, to help patients overcome those common prescription hurdles, Capsule…

  • Accepts electronic prescriptions from all physicians
  • Takes care of transferring existing prescriptions from other pharmacies
  • Offers the same copay as one would typically pay for prescriptions
  • Handles prior authorizations with insurance companies
  • Offers accessible communication with the use of an app and texting
  • Delivers FREE to the front door
Capsule pharmacy prescription delivery

Capsule knows that keeping the interaction between the patient and pharmacy enjoyable, simple, and fast will ensure that patients are 50% more likely to fill their prescriptions and have a better patient outcome.

How Capsule works and what I like about it

A local pharmacy with convenient online access

Capsule is a new version of the older pharmacy model. With Capsule, patients don’t have to go to the pharmacy to pick up their medications. Instead, their medication is delivered on the same day, for free, directly to their door. It totally eliminates that time-consuming errand of having to drive, wait, and pick it up. 

I like that I can e-prescribe any medication right from my EMR (a computer program that all doctors use) and send it right to Capsule. It’s just as easy to send a prescription to Capsule as it is to any pharmacy, so there are no new steps for the physician to take —that’s a plus!

They also have multiple locations throughout the country to provide a quick turnaround on prescriptions —hand-delivered to the front door within 24 hours. A person does have to be home to receive the package.

Easy and responsive communication

Capsule has an app for smartphones. It’s super simple to communicate through the app, via text, or call them in person. They answer the phone right away and are very responsive —making the interaction feel one-on-one, vs. talking to a different person every time, or waiting on hold for what feels like forever.

Their text communication keeps the patient up-to-date at every step in the process. 

capsule pharmacy text confirmation

Capsule does all the coordinating between the Dr. and insurance company, so all the patient has to do is sit tight and wait for their delivery.

Fully stocked inventory and FREE delivery

As a physician, I’m always hesitant to try a new pharmacy because what if they don’t stock all the medications my patients need? 

Well, Capsule has a reliable and fully-stocked inventory plus a state-of-the-art fulfillment process, so the patient never has to worry about waiting or driving to different pharmacies because medications are out of stock. 

Now you know I only share information about brands I love and companies or people that change lives. As you can see from my shipment image above, I’m a Capsule customer and have had an excellent experience. I’ll continue using them and will gladly recommend them to my friends. The service felt second to none. 

I’m writing this on behalf of a paid partnership with Capsule Pharmacy.

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