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Top 10 Arm Exercises in 10 Minutes: Gorgeous Arms by Summer

Wishing for summer too soon? Nah!

It’s all about the arms y’all. 

The one place on your body besides your face (and half of it’s #masked) that everyone can see.

Arms were the first area of my body that I started working on because it seemed like the easiest. Plus, I didn’t have to do the dreaded cardio (ack did I say that out loud!).

Something I realized when I was starting on my fitness journey is:

#1 Dedication was a mindset shift —everything’s mindset 

#2 I never saw real results because I wasn’t consistent enough to achieve them 

#3 Working out can’t save you from a bad diet

If you read my last email (if not, sign up here to get on my list), I told you that I got serious about working out this past year. I went from weakling to lady beast mode just by being dedicated and enlisting a trainer’s help —who, let’s be real… keeps me accountable.

But what I’m bringing you today is all about…

Benefits of an arm workout you just can’t say ‘no’ to!

✔ It’s only 10 minutes out of your day

✔ You can do it anywhere in your house

✔ It takes minimal thought (no counting)

✔ All you need is two sets of weights and a free timer app on your phone 

✔ You don’t need sexy gym clothes but they can help you feel even more confident

✔ When you see results, you’ll want to do more

✔ Any beginner or expert can do these exercises

woman leaning on wall in sports bra

My very favorite 10 arm exercises, 10 minutes a day that get you results

Ask yourself, can I carve out 10 minutes a day for my physical health, mental well-being and improve my self-esteem and confidence? If yes, then read on.

Let’s begin…

  • 1 minute per exercise / 10 exercises in total.
  • Each arm exercise: 50 seconds of work / 10 second rest in between.
  • **If you want to repeat the round and do 10 exercises two times in a row, decrease the timer to 40 seconds on /  20 seconds of rest.
  • Choose a weight that’s easy – medium to start. Get a feel for what you’re capable of and where you can push yourself. You have to get uncomfortable to see change. If you fly through these exercises then you know your weights aren’t heavy enough. 
  • I started with 5lb and 8lb weights but have ‘graduated’ to 10lb, 12lb and 15lb.
woman doing bicep curls, light weights

Front bicep curl

TIME: 50 seconds bicep curl
10 seconds rest

🏋Medium to Heavy weight (8lb, 10lb or 12lb)

Stand tall, feet hip-width apart. Hold your core tight for every move. Not only does it protect your lower back, but it works those abs.

Curl the weights up and lower the arms back down next to your legs. Keep your upper arm and elbow pressed into the body for this move.

Use resistance when lowering the weights back down. You build muscle during resistance training as well, and you’re less likely to injure yourself.

African American fitness model doing wide bicep curls

Wide bicep curl

TIME: 50s Wide Bicep Curl
10s Rest

🏋Medium to Heavy weight (8lb, 10lb or 12lb)

Standing tall, feet hip-width apart, turn your arms out and repeat this move as you did the bicep curl. Upper arm and elbow, touching the body as you curl your arms up. You’ll be lifting to your outside shoulder. 

Don’t forget to use resistance on the way down. If your arms move too quickly, your weight is probably too light. Increase the weight for next time. If you can barely get your weights back up, try alternating arms before you decrease your weight.

woman doing tricep extensions

Tricep Extension

TIME: 50 seconds Tricep Extension
10s Rest

🏋Light to Medium weight (5lb, 8lb)

Standing tall, feet hip-width apart, very slight bend in the knees for added support. A weight in each hand, lift arms up towards the ceiling overhead and begin to bend arms backward at the elbow. Your upper arm doesn’t move. Your elbow should bend, lowering and lifting your lower arm and weight behind the body.

Take your time and keep your core tight. Don’t arch your back as it could strain your lower back.

Alternate weights if it gets too heavy and you begin to lose form.

older woman in fitness class doing upright row

Upright Row

TIME: 50s Upright Row
10s Rest

🏋Medium to Heavy weight (8lb, 10lb or 12lb)

Stand up straight, feet hip wide, core tight. Hold a weight in each hand, keep your arms down in front, palms facing in towards the body. 

Row up to shoulder height and don’t overextend above shoulder height. 

Go slow on the way down and repeat.

woman doing reverse fly on yago ball, fitness and working out

Reverse Fly

TIME: 50s Reverse Fly
10s Rest

🏋Light to Medium weight (5lb, 8lb)

Standing straight, bend forward at the waist, back flat, slight bend in the knee. Keep your abdomen tight, ensuring you don’t curve your back (for safety).

With a weight in each hand hanging down on the sides of your body, begin to fly both arms out to the side. And repeat. Incorporate a yoga ball for an added challenge.

*Imagine your back pinching a pencil every time you gently fly your arms back.  

You’re working your shoulders and back, yay (had to squeeze the back in —you’ll thank me in your backless shirt). 

If you need to stand up and take a rest during your 50seconds, do that. If your back starts to dip or arch out, stand up straight, tighten your core and reposition yourself once again.

woman working out, front raise

Front Raise

TIME: 50s Front Rasie
10s Rest

🏋Light to Medium weight (5lb, 8lb)

Standing up straight, feet hip-width apart, arms down in front holding the weight.

Lift to shoulder height and gently move back down. Keep your core held in tight to protect your back. Alternate arms if it gets too tough. If you’re able to speed through it, you need a heavier weight.

Shaping shoulders! Keep it up!

fitness woman doing shoulder press

Shoulder Press

TIME: 50s Shoulder Press
10s Rest

🏋Medium to Heavy weight (8lb, 10lb or 12lb)

Strong stance, feet standing hip-wide, core tight, weight in each arm. 

Heavier weight because your shoulders are stronger than you think! 

With weights in each hand, arms up like you’re about to, press something overhead. Be sure not to lock your elbow when you push your arm straight. A slight bend is a safer and proper form. 

Modifications include alternating arms if you need to, dropping down to a lower weight or picking up a heavier weight if you need to —uh-huh, be honest with yourself.

Hold your core strong. 

woman doing side raise

Side Raise

TIME: 50s Side Raise
10s Rest

🏋Light to Medium weight (5lb, 8lb)

Stong stance again, feet planted as they’ve been. Tight core to protect your lower back. It’s easy to tweak the lower back if we’re not mindful. 

Arms down at your side, weight in each hand, and raise them up to shoulder length then back down. 

Again, alternate if you need to. 

Fifty seconds starts to feel like a long time when you work the same muscle group over and over.

fitness model doing tricep dips

Tricep Dips

TIME: 50s Tricep Dips
10s Rest


On the floor, a ledge, a step or a stepstool.

Ok, these aren’t fun but the effective ones never are. That’s why it’s so hard to get to the gym in the first place. It’s hard! 

But, hard things make you better, so here we go…

Place your palms on the surface behind you, fingers facing your body, core tight and prepare to hold it steady. 

It’s easy to feel like you should drop your hips as you lower down but that takes the work away from the triceps. 

Keep your stomach tight and lifted (flat back), knees bent, feet on the floor.

Begin to lift up and down using your triceps only. Take your time here because it’s easy to fall out of form on this one. Take a break as needed. 

black woman doing push-ups on the beach


TIME: 50s Push-ups
10s Rest


My least favorite but the one I’m most proud of. Interesting how that works.

Last exercise!

Start on your knees (that’s what I did) or up on your toes if you can. 

Get in a plank position. Palms down, flat on the floor about shoulder-width apart. Midsection tight, legs straight. 

Begin to lower yourself down, lower, ok lower, like really get down there. Nose almost touching the floor and slowly come back up. 

There are many variations for push-ups and any fitness level can do them.

You can start on your knees, lower only halfway or, you can lower all the way down to the floor, lay flat on the floor and come back up. If you choose the latter, it’s sometimes harder. Good form is a must for your back, and you have to keep your abdomen and core tight when you lift back up so it doesn’t arch and cause a strain.

And that’s it. Only 10 minutes a day, and your arms will be rockin’!

Next time maybe we’ll add some fancy moves. Master these first!

Tell me what you think. Did you try it? Ready for leg day yet? I’m hoping this is an inspiration to start moving. Leave a comment if it helped.

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