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Dr. Eva Beaulieu grew up in Haiti and moved to the United States when she was just 15-years-old. Today is she an experienced medical doctor, a wife, a mother of two, and the co-owner of Dramatically Real lipsticks! She is the perfect combination of an entrepreneur and someone who strives to help women keep their lives as well as the lives of the men in their life healthy! In an effort to do so, Dr. Eva is launching “Keep Your Man… Healthy” a campaign to provide women with useful information that will help men in their lives combat high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. We caught up with Dr. Eva to discuss the inspiration behind creating this campaign and why she decided to tap into the world of beauty with the creation of Dramatically You Specialty lipsticks.

Do you mind sharing the inspiration behind creating “Keep Your Man…Healthy”?

So, I’m really passionate about health in general and educating our community. I want people to know that sometimes, the simplest things can have a huge impact on our health, it can even prolong your life. I also know what it’s like to not only be a doctor but be the wife of another doctor. I have both perspectives. I want to make sure my husband stays around as long as possible. We know that in most households, it’s often the woman that takes control of the health and well-being of the family. We’re usually the cornerstone of the community so we have to take control of not only our kids’ health, our husband’s health, and even grandparents, and so on. Men don’t like to go to the doctor, they skip those visits, and they wait until the last minute to reach out to doctors. My passion for creating “Keep Your Man…Healthy” is to make sure we women take control and keep our men healthy.

On top of all you do, you are the co-owner of lipstick line called Dramatically. What made you want to tap into the beauty world?

Sometimes we women get so caught up in the day-to-day tasks that we forget about ourselves. When we begin to feel like you’re not yourself, we begin to lose confidence. I realized a long time ago (for me personally) when I look good, I feel better! When I feel better, I usually perform better. With that being said, I got with my business partner, and I decided to create Dramatically Real Specialty lipsticks. It was created for the everyday busy woman. It is vitamin-riched and it lasts 24 hours. I feel like if you want to wear a little extra makeup or dress extra nice for work, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed because looking good doesn’t have to be about vanity, it could be about feeling good as well!

What advice could you offer our readers whether it be in life or health?

Whatever you decide to do in life, you should follow your heart all the time. The key is to be persistent and never give up! Even if you wonder how much it matters, never give up, even when your prayers haven’t been answered. I always say, trust me. Your dreams come along with a lot of benefits. If you stay persistent, success is most likely right around the corner.

What can we expect to see from Dr. Eva Beaulieu in the future?

Hopefully more business ventures! My main goal is to provide health awareness in the community. We can always do better! I want to help others live a healthier lifestyle. Finally, I want to grow my brand and my business in the future.

photo by Ian Shelby

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