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My two favorite beauty treatments this summer

Beautifying yourself is always a process (aka it doesn’t happen overnight and sometimes it hurts), but there’s no denying that the benefits make it worth it. When you’re feeling beautiful and well cared for, you’re a more confident, empowered woman. 

Two hair treatments I’m getting this summer are microshading and laser hair removal

I’ve had both beauty treatments multiple times now and am loving my results. 

Microshading is a brow treatment that gives your brow a fuller, more sculpted appearance. It’s a maintenance procedure because your brows will need a touch-up every 6-8 months, but I feel like it’s so worth it!

Laser hair removal is just that, the removal of unwanted hair. It’s a permanent procedure but usually takes several sessions for full hair removal, dependent upon the area you’re treating.

Let’s break down both treatments so you know what to expect. 

What is microshading?

For starters, I love microshading because it gives me that manicured-brow-look by drawing out gorgeous, full eyebrows. The process is similar to getting a tattoo because the beauty technician makes tiny pinprick dots on your eyebrow and injects a pigmented dye under the skin. This fills in any gaps or thinning areas to give you a natural, even look. 

People refer to the look of the brow as being shadowed or powdered because the color covers the surface of the skin under the brow. 

Microshading is permanent, but you’ll need a touch-up about every 6-8 months. If you think about it, that’s 6-8 months of gorgeous no-maintenance brows. Yesss!

Note: Be sure to find a skilled and trained beauty technician for this procedure

What to expect at your first microshading appointment

Your first microshading appointment will take the longest. The tech examines your eyebrow at this appointment and helps you decide on the perfect shape for you. I recommend bringing in photos of how you want your brows to look. It’s easier to show than describe. 

Expect to be at your appointment for up to 2 hours. The technician will create the desired shape for your brow and match your hair’s pigment. 

Once your brows are filled in (by a pinpoint tattoo technique), your brow will probably look a little darker at first. That usually settles down after the first 5-days. 

Microshading vs. Microblading

Microshading is similar to microblading, which many of you may have heard of. They are a similar pigmented tattoo technique, except microshading makes pinpoint dots to shade the brow and microblading draws thin lines of hair to mimic the brow. Both have beautiful results. You just have to figure out what look or method is best for you and your skin. Many people think microshading is a little gentler and more suited for people with sensitive skin. 

Your follow-up microshading appointment 

You’ll need to return for a follow-up appointment in about 8 weeks. This appointment is for touch-ups, filling in any minor gaps, and perfecting the look. You can expect this appointment to take about an hour. 

Pros of microshading

  • Long-lasting
  • Gorgeous no maintenance results
  • Looks manicured yet natural

Cons of microshading 

  • Need a touch up every 6-8 months
  • Somewhat painful. (I mean, it’s basically a tattoo on your eyebrow so…).

Another hair treatment I recommend: laser hair removal

This is a procedure I’ve wanted for years, and I finally got myself into to see a laser specialist. 

Laser hair removal is perfect for anyone who has unwanted hair, ingrown hairs, and/or suffers from the dreaded razor bumps. 

Laser hair removal is fast and effective. It’s a very precise procedure so your laser technician can treat specific problem areas. 

Most people need anywhere from 4-8 treatments to remove all the hair, depending on the treatment area, but once you’ve finished your sessions, the hair is gone forever. Now that’s exciting!

Imagine not having to shave or your armpits, bikini line, face, etc. 

I love my laser hair removal results so far because I’m getting that much closer to not having to shave and buy razors. So while it’s an upfront cost at first, in the long run, you’ll save on a lifetime of shaving products and time spent shaving.

What areas can you laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is perfect for anywhere you have unwanted hair.

  • Cheeks 
  • Upper lip
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Bikini area

What to expect at laser hair removal appointment

Laser hair removal can be a reasonably quick procedure depending on the type of laser they’re using and the treatment area. There are newer, faster lasers on the market, so you may want to ask this question ahead of time.

I’m going to keep it real and tell you in my experience, laser hair removal is moderately painful. It feels like a repeated rubber band snap on your skin. It’s painful yet tolerable. You can also request numbing cream to apply before your treatment.

Me, wearing protective eyewear for my laser hair removal appointment.

How to prepare for your laser hair removal appointment?

Your laser specialists will want you to shave the area before your appointment. You should NOT pluck a few weeks before your laser hair removal procedure, and your skin should be free of lotions when you arrive that day.

The aftercare is simple too. You can return to normal daily activities right away but always wear sunscreen to protect the area.

Pros of laser hair removal

  • Permanent hair removal
  • Very effective
  • No more ingrown hairs, redness, razor bumps 
  • Can treat almost any area on the body

Cons of laser hair removal

  • Need multiple sessions
  • Moderately painful

Both procedures above have made my life more convenient. You know I love convenience! Plus, I love the way my brows and skin look. If you give it a try, let me know what you think.

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