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10 Tips to Make traveling with kids easy

If traveling with kids was easier would you do it more? My answer is yes, and, yours probably is too! I've been gathering all the best tips I know for traveling with kids, and am leaving them here for you.

traveling abroad with kids running on a beach

Benefits of traveling abroad with your kids

When you travel abroad with your kids you open up a world of wonder, exploration, and excitement. From overcoming obstacles to trying new things traveling expands the mind and improves flexibility for everyone involved.

Dr Eva in Mexico by the crystal clear water

My Best Advice on How to Plan a Trip During the Pandemic

I had been dangling on the fence for weeks about booking a getaway. As much as I desperately needed a vacation, there were so many thoughts in my mind, like should I travel, and is it safe to travel?  My husband and I are on the frontlines as healthcare workers, and we witness the effect...