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Tips to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Sure you want to flip the switch and have the self-confidence you know you deserve but imposter syndrome is standing in your way. That feeling of not being qualified for the job or not good enough to show up securely. Well, you can be stronger than imposter syndrome and here's how.

benefits of therapy for you and your kids

How therapy can hugely benefit you and your kids

Therapy is exercise for the mind and boosts our mental health. It's beneficial for kids and adults, and should no longer carry the stigma of being unwell or weak. Here's how therapy can help you and your family lead calm, confident lives. Therapy benefits all of us.

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10 Ways to Boost Your Mindset and Spread Holiday Cheer

If you didn’t celebrate your 2020 birthday Covid-style, well don’t you worry. You’re on deck for the months to come.  …I’m totally kidding and making light of a subject. But my point is, we all know the feeling of sacrificing our holidays and it ain’t that great.  I have hope because I’m a firm believer...

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Why Working Out Is the Best Thing You Can Do for You.

Exercise is so much more than tight glutes and toned arms. It’s more than just liking what you see in the mirror and trying on a smaller size. I mean, all those things are super important and usually the driving force that gets us into the gym, but those outcomes are just the end result...