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African-Americans remain an under-represented minority in the nation’s medical schools.

The disparity matters, because doctors of color can help the African-American community overcome the mistrust of the medical system, a factor in poor health outcomes for black Americans.

Dr. Eva believes that if she can achieve her dreams, everyone else can. This book is helpful for all but is specifically important for minority high school and college students as a guidepost to aid in their quest to become a doctor.

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1 review for PAGING DOCTOR YOU!

  1. 5 out of 5

    Amazing book! I am currently a premed major at FAU #goowls, and I am so elated that I made this purchase. I enjoyed the step by step detailed explanations of what to look for, and what to expect during this journey. I definitely wished that I had a book like this while in high school, or even before starting high school! This book is great for any person that is deciding to become a Doctor, or a person like myself, that is on the path to become a Doctor. Lastly, I loved the real ness that Dr.Eva displayed in the book. She did not sugar coat anything, and explained multiple times that it was not an easy road, but is can be accomplished!
    Thank you again Dr. Eva this book was great. You are surely making the entire Caribbean nation proud!

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