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Things no one can take from you: pride in yourself, your beauty and your drive! If you know me or follow me on social media (and you should), you know that I’m a firm believer in the power of positivity and loving yourself. 

I love sharing with people the importance and benefits of putting themselves first. 

…And something else I love, dressing up and feeling good. 

When you feel good, you look good! It’s just that simple.

Guess what else is more simple than you think? You can get a million-dollar look on a $100 budget. I’m a fan of fashion, shopping, and having plenty of clothing options hanging in my closet. But even more than that, I’m fanatic for a good deal on quality clothes. 

I thought I’d put together some tips for buying quality clothing on a budget. It’s totally possible always to look your best even when funds are tight. A few new additions to your closet can make all the difference in how you view yourself and take on the world.

finding good clothing deals can make you feel more confident

It’s easy to let your closet fill with clothes that feel stale or boring—especially when money is an issue and your clothing budget is minimal. What happens here is, you buy basic clothes (the staples) that’ll last ‘forever’ in an attempt to save money from having to replace them. 

And this money-saving tactic leaves you with all the same clothes you’ve been wearing or holding onto in hopes you’ll wear them again someday.

Instead, let’s get you some budget-friendly tips for finding fashionable clothes at a lower price.

…Because when you walk out of your closet wearing trendy new clothes that make you feel good and look good, you hold your head high like the superwoman you are. I know you know that feeling!

There’s something about wearing a chic new outfit that feels so empowering.

You feel fresh, sexy and stylish —like, oh hey, who’s this new girl?!

dr eva sitting on a chair in a grassy park with a tan shirt and sequins skirt

When I hang up my scrubs

I spend most of my days in scrubs at work or in comfy-mom-clothes hanging at home. So, getting dressed up is a treat for me. It’s feminine, empowering and a form of self-care.

But, you’re probably wondering what kind of a budget do you have to fill your closet with clothes you love.  And my best-kept secret of all, is that I buy quality clothing on a budget. Yes friends, on the cheap!

You can’t keep up a shopping habit like mine and not look for clothing deals. Fact: Most of my favorite outfits are less than $100!


Things to look out for when shopping for clothes on a budget

I’ve been scouring online boutiques (even more so since covid), and believe me, I’ve made my fair share of cheap clothing mistakes. I’ve learned to stick to these general rules when bargain shopping for quality clothes.

☑ Read reviews
☑ Buy for your body type
☑ Choose colors that flatter your skin tone
☑ Check for the quality, like seams and fabric
☑ Read the returns and shopping guidelines
☑ Know where the boutique is shipping from

Look for styles that push you a little out of your comfort zone and bring out your wild side

Sometimes it just feels good to be bold in gold. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut with clothing styles. That’s why I get excited when I find a good deal on an item that pushes me to express myself a little more than usual.

This gold beach cover-up screams “doing my thang on vacation,”…and that was precisely my mood. It’s fitted and stretchy, making it super comfortable. Best part, it’s only $65. Such a budget-friendly find!

dr eva leaning on a cabana gold stretchy beach cover up dress



Look for colors that compliment your skin type

It doesn’t matter how much an outfit costs if the color just isn’t right for your skin tone. Identifying a flattering color palette that compliments your skin can make all the difference in how a garment looks on you. 

I loved this coral color so much that I couldn’t resist not buying it. I also have great luck with this brand because I’m tall, 5’9”,  and their dresses work for my height. This dress is perfectly fitted, a gorgeous color and only $45.

dr eva in a faux fur coat and long fitted peach dress



Save money by choosing clothes that match your body type

One of the biggest spend mistakes I’ve made is purchasing clothes that didn’t work with my curves. Be honest with yourself and dress for your body type. There are boutiques out there for everyone. Examine the models’ body shape and it’ll give you an idea if it compliments your body type.

This tip is also a reminder to shop for your current body size. It’ll kill your pocketbook if you repeatedly buy clothes sized for your target weight and not your actual weight. Gurrrl, I know it’s tough and we all might want to see some body-size improvements but you have to shop for your current body weight. If you can’t hop right into that dress when it arrives, then what good is it? The future is now sis!

I can’t even with this short, black cocktail dress! It knocks ‘em dead every time.  

dr eva in a tight black cocktail dress chanel bag



You can be cute and comfy at the same time

Just because you’re hanging around, running errands doesn’t mean you can’t look adorable. I feel sexy in some of my most simple clothing. You can have flair in your daywear at a reasonable price.

This red t-shirt dress has a little pocket in front and is quite possibly one of my favs.



Find dependable stores for your staple clothing items

I love ASOS for my staples. I’ve purchased athletic wear, swimsuits, jogger sets, you name it. Once you get your size right (typically, they size small), you’ll have pretty good luck just like I do. 

Plus they offer a 10% off student discount. Can’t beat that!

This tan faux-fur coat was a remarkable find. Outside the norm of my “staple” purchases but so worth it.



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The perfect way to get your daily dose of confidence. Get gorgeous and celebrate your beauty!

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