About Dr. Eva

Born in Haiti, to a rich culture known for fighting for what you want and believe in, Dr Eva was inevitably destined for greatness. A curiosity, coupled with her being surrounded by generations of medical professionals, Dr Eva knew from a very young age that her purpose was to positively impact the lives of many .  With English as her third language, Dr Eva moved to the US when she was 15 years old. Equipped with a thirst and undeterred passion, she pursued medicine.

Her adventurous spirit led Dr Eva to commence her medical studies in England, before finishing in the US. Then, the path which appeared to be so clear , and a faith which seemed so unwavering were suddenly challenged by the discovery of a melanoma. With a positive mindset, Dr Eva took this life changing event, and used it as fuel to push harder towards her goals and dreams, finishing top of her Residency class in Macon Georgia.

Change beckoned again, but this time in her heart, and Dr Eva became a wife and mother. From the moment she held each of her 3 children in her arms, Dr Eva knew that her purpose had evolved, and a new chapter commenced. Life, with its many ups and downs taught Dr Eva that she was a butterfly. That although transitions are sometimes necessarily uncomfortable, with the right surroundings and foundation, metamorphosis could lead to a beautiful thing.  Success by accident is not Dr Eva’s Story . Her belief is that if she can achieve her dreams, every woman can.